American Patriotic Songs by Gianluca Zanna
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Classic American Patriotic songs
Classic American Patriotic Songs
America the Beautiful

America, My Country 'Tis of Thee

Battle Hymn of the Republic

God Bless America

God Bless the USA

Halls of Montezuma

The Stars and Stripes Forever

The Star-Spangled Banner

Yankee Doodle
Classic American Patriotic SongsHere a section where you can find the lyrics and music of some of the Classic American Patriotic songs...
When I came to America I wanted to learn the History and Traditions of this new my adoptive Country. I was always fascinated by American Patriotic songs, especially the ones of the American Revolution...
I hope that with my Patriotic Songs I wrote I can inspire my fellow Americans at least one small part of what these Classic American Patriotic Songs did for my soul and my new American Spirit.

Luca Zanna

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